White Pond Lily Flower Essence

White Pond Lily Flower Essence

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White Pond Lily flower essence is a dive deep into a cold lake. Feel the waters envelope one’s being, while renewing both mind, body & spirit. This essence is highly transformative, often accompanying those who shape-shift or camouflage. It helps us give way to deep meditation & broad vision. It’s flower, aware of when to open & close, keeps a strong umbilical tie to its deeper depths & tap root, giving the ability to remain connected while blossoming radiantly.

Ingredients:  White Pond Lily flower from a mountain lake from by the waters edge, a loon diving in the distance, solarly & lunarly infused in spring water, organic cane alcohol (less than 20%)

1/2 oz.

Suggested use: 1 - 4 drops directly in mouth, as needed or around 1 - 3 times daily. The essence drops can also be added to water or tea. Additionally, some drops can be added to a bath or a house spray. 

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