White Peony Flower Essence

  • $10.75

White peony flower essence holds a balance between strength & fragility and the recognition of this relationship. Showing patience and visions of love & beauty in fleeting moments. It gives insight to our umbilical connection with ourselves, coming back to a place of birth & giving connection to sensuality with oneself expanding out.

Ingredients: 3 White Peony Parent essences combined into a stock bottle. First infused under the new moon. The second infused the night of the summer solstice. And the third, was infused under the crescent moon in the rain. Infused in spring water & organic cane alcohol (less than 20%)

1/2 oz.

Suggested use: 1 - 4 drops directly in mouth, as needed or around 1 - 3 times daily. The essence drops can also be added to water or tea. Additionally, some drops can be added to a bath or a house spray.