* Resilience : Elixir *

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*** For tender strength ***

A soothing & toning elixir for tender resilience of the heart.

A scrumptious tonic of rose petals harvested in the sandy dunes of the seaside, hawthornes from the mountainside, borage flowers & motherwort from the garden, heartsease flowers hidden in the shade, hawthorne flower essence made on a sunny spring day, & seashell essence made at the ocean's edge blessed by seals.

Ingredients: Beach Rose petals, Hawthorne berries, Hawthorne leaf & flowers, Linden flowers, Heartsease flowers, Borage flowers, Motherwort, Org. Vegetable glycerin, Org. Cane Alcohol, Spring water and Hawthorne flower & Seashell essence

1 oz

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