The Dwelling



Blossoming Resistance's apothecary finds it home at Finca Luna Búho.
Finca Luna Búho is a collaborative land project, majority BIPOC-led, centering and holding the voices and decision making of those living in marginalization and at the intersections of these lived experiences. We are located on unceded Mohican land in the so-called northern Berkshires. In 2007, we began this land project collective to create a rural place of refuge, knowledge sharing and intimacy-with-land that centers BIPOC, immigrant, queer, poor, adoptee and disabled communities. We offer space for gatherings, knowledge shares, justice organizing, healing, farming and mutual/intimate land and nature connection while honoring our other-than-human kin. Finca Luna Búho is a place where people can seek safety and inspiration, creatively grow and collaborate for community restoration and flourishing.
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