atalanta sungurov is a lover of brewing up mud soups, admirer of the secret world of mycelium, learns about amazing creatures such as moss piglets from their children, a professional cat snuggler, wishes they could become tiny to climb into a rose flower or ride on a floating cottonwood fluff.
(bio written by their children:)
atalanta sungurov was brought to plant medicine through their deep love and comfort in the wild world while simultaneously navigating support due to chronic illness (Lyme, Mold toxicity & Pyroluria.) They make small batch thoughtfully harvested elixirs, salves, teas & potions. In practicing community based herbalism, a big part of the work they do is working to provide access to land & plant medicine solidarity, especially for queer, BIPOC, disabled and (im)migrant communities, integrating healing justice and mutual healing of ourselves & the planet. Dedicated to providing accessible medicine, they make an effort to follow models of sliding scale and trade, as well as slinging wears to support their family. Their herbals are brewed with consciousness and dreams of creating medicine in an effort to support collective liberation in their interactions with the world around them. Their work is rooted in social & ecological justice and access to herbal education.