Moss Essence

  • $12.75

Moss essence woodland infused spring water, 20% organic cane alcohol

Moss essence gives an ancient, dark & moist comfort, aiding in passing through the walls we have put up to protect ourselves, for a time, so that we can access deep healing & a place of relief. It is a relationship between fragility & long held wisdom. Made under the new moon in moist rock cliffs in the mountains. 

For soft and tender reconnection to the wild. For recognizing the minuscule of our being. To allow for boundaries placed from trauma to shift from being the dominant, and for one to come to a place of gentle comfort. To be held in a softness that allows for letting go enough. To lay one's head on the sweetest of pillows. To rest. 

1/2 oz.

Suggested use: 1 - 4 drops directly in mouth, as needed or around 1 - 3 times daily. The essence drops can also be added to water or tea. Additionally, some drops can be added to a bath or a house spray.